Why TestArchitect?

Automation for All–A tool that empowers Testers and embraces by Coders

More than a decade ago, TestArchitect was created with the business testers in mind. From the beginning, to its current state, TestArchitect has evolved into a comprehensive tool it is today. Various other tools focus on test automation as a programming task, paying less attention to the role that testers play in building up effective, efficient and maintainable automated tests.

With its modular approach, TestArchitect embeds a method and workflow that enables team members to organize tests well, give them a clear scope, and keep them at the level of abstraction to meet the scope. The keyword-driven actions help all team members and stakeholders, regardless of background, to understand and communicate about the tests. This works just as well for tests that target the UI, as it does for tests targeting non-UI platforms like services, embedded software, telecom, IoT, etc.

TestArchitect is also built to conquer scale and complexity problems. For small amounts of tests, many tools can be a solution. However, for larger projects that need large volume of tests, a scalable and long-term sustainable solution is wanted to deliver a high payback in time and costs. TestArchitect, together with the Action Based Testing method is that solution. The product is based on our experiences in countless projects across a variety of industries. Many of the unique features of TestArchitect were based on input provided by actual practitioners about what they need to be successful in test automation.

Action Based Testing encourages a product-oriented approach. The test modules form well defined assets that can be developed and maintained independently. This facilitates test development in Agile, so testing and automation can keep up with the other projects/tasks a team is working on. TestArchitect also helps to set up efficient test execution in a DevOps pipeline.

TestArchitect + Selenium

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and scalable framework for Selenium, you’ve come to the right place. The cross-browser testing component of TestArchitect’s Action-Based Testing Framework can be built and used in conjunction with Selenium WebDriver to help you:

  • Quickly setup and get your tests automated from day one.
  • Automate web browsers in Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Extend Selenium WebDriver capabilities.
  • Execute web app tests (Chrome Android and Safari iOS) locally as well as on mobile clouds (SauceLabs, BrowserStack, NTT Remote TestKit, etc.)
  • Automation analytics; QA-friendly test reports (HTML, XML)
  • Built-in integrations to Visual Studio/TFS/Test Manager, Quality Center, Jira, Zephyr, etc. for better QA/Automation process.

In addition to Selenium-based testing, TestArchitect also provides automation capabilities to automate common AUT technologies such as Desktop (.Net, Java, etc.), Web Service, Database, Image, etc.

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The TestArchitect Support team will help you achieve Automation Success

Test automation is a long journey. Creating a few dozen automated test cases is easy. Maintaining them overtime while scaling your test suite to thousands of tests is not. It needs the right mix of tool, method and expertise.

You can use our around-the-clock Product Support team, or contact our Professional Services team. Here are just some ways we can help you be successful: on Call and ticket technical support, coaching can help you get started. Want a more hands on approach? We can provide consulting services or even customize TestArchitect to fit your needs.

Evaluated by Leading Industry Analysts
TestArchitect stands out in automated testing for complex business applications whose quality heavily relies on business testers with deep domain expertise and understand that automation productivity is not as much a technical challenge as it is a test design challenge.
A Leading Industry Analyst recently evaluated TestArchitect in its Modern Application Functional Test Automation Tools Report.
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