License/Pricing FAQ

+ How do I purchase TestArchitect Enterprise licenses? How much does it cost?

Call us at (1) 800-322-0333 or leave a message using the Contact Us form. Our sales team will contact you shortly.

+ What are the license types in TestArchitect?

There are three types of licenses: Node-Locked, Floating User and Floating Run-Only

+ What is Node-Locked license?

A node-locked license is one that is granted to a specific machine, but, within some constraints, may be reassigned.

+ What is Floating Run-Only license?

This type of license is used for test execution only. Typically, you can use these licenses on virtual machines to parallel your test execution. This is a floating license which can be shared concurrently by multiple execution machines and devices.

+ What is Floating license?

Under a Floating User License, TestArchitect may be used on one local network by different machines and devices at the same time up to the number of floating seats licensed. If a license is available the License Server allows the TestArchitect application to run. When a user finishes using and closes TestArchitect, the license is reclaimed by the License Server and made available to other users.

+ What is the difference between Node-Locked and Floating User?

Node-Locked license is tied to a specific machine while Floating User can be shared by multiple users.

+ Is it possible to upgrade Node-Locked license to Floating User license?

Yes. You can convert any number of Node-Locked licenses to Floating User license.

+ How does TestArchitect License Server work?

TestArchitect License Server (LS) is a free software used to manage purchased licenses. LS must be installed in a physical machine before you can start using TestArchitect . Normally, only one LS is required in your network. The LS is provided with the key, which specifies how many and what types of licenses this server may serve. In order to obtain license, you will need to specify the host name or IP address and the communication port from TestArchitect client to connect to the LS.
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