Which version of TestArchitect is right for you?

TestArchitect Team: Free Full - Feature Edition

Perfect for Small Teams

Free cost with access to all features
2 node-locked users per company
100 test cases hosted in 1 Repository Server
Forum support

You don't have to pay to get a lot:
  • Web Testing: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer, Selenium WebDriver
  • Windows Testing: .Net, Java, WPF, WinForms, Silverlight, Telerik, DevExpress, etc.
  • Web Services Testing: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON
  • Action-based Testing, Data-driven testing, Image Testing, etc.

And much more

TestArchitect Enterprise

Unlimited Edition for Enterprise Teams

Premium licenses: node-locked, floating and run-only available
Maintenance & Support included
Support: call, portal, email, hot fix

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License Types

  • Node-Locked license
A node-locked license is a single license that is granted to a specific machine.
  • Floating User license
Under a Floating User License, TestArchitect may be used on one local network by different machines and devices at the same time. This is limited to the number of floating seats licensed. If a license is available, the License Server allows the TestArchitect application to run. When a user finishes using and closes TestArchitect, the license is reclaimed by the License Server and made available to other users.
  • Floating Run-Only license
This type of license is used for test execution only. Typically, you can use these licenses on virtual machines to parallel your test execution. This is a floating license which can be shared concurrently by multiple execution machines and devices.

Want to learn more? Visit the License/Pricing Frequently Asked Question

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