UNBREAK YOUR TEST AUTOMATION - TestArchitect, the new way to implement Keyword-Driven Testing

Modern Keyword-Driven Testing

Action Based Testing is a modern keyword-driven test development method that employs ABTL, a domain specific language that specifically designed for Test Automation.

Cross-Platform Automation

Unified platform to automate Web, Web service, Desktop, Image, Database Testing and more.

Trusted By Enterprises

From early-stage startups to Fortune 100s, TestArchitect and our Professional Service team have helped our clients build robust solutions capitalizing the full potential of test automation.

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The Advanced Codeless Automation Solution

TestArchitect is an integrated test automation platform that focuses on scaling up test automation coverage & productivity.

TestArchitect is exceptionally easy to use and yet powerful, when it comes to extensibility. This allows a smaller programming staff to support a much larger non-programming staff.

Key Features

Codeless Automation

  • TestArchitect is the only Test IDE specifically designed for rapid action-based automation development.
  • More than 400 pre-built actions for cross-platform automation are readily available.
  • Powerful extensibility using C#, Python, Java.

Automation Analytics

TestArchitect has QA-friendly test reporting features—it has everything you need to analyze automation reports & metrics: screenshots recording, results comparison, known bug detection and a centralized, real-time Dashboard Server.

Tools Integrations for CI/CD/DevOps Testing

TestArchitect integrates with most leading tools including: Microsoft Team Foundation Server/ Visual Studio/ Test Manager; HP Quality Center; Zephyr; Jira; and Jenkins, to name a few!

Web & Web Services Testing

  • Selenium WebDriver integration.
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Mobile web apps on Chrome Android and Safari iOS
  • Web Services: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON.
  • Docker-based micro services testing.

Legacy App Testing

  • Microsoft .NET, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Java, QT.
  • Third-party controls: Telerik, DevExpress, Infragistic, Stingray, ComponentOne, etc.
  • Citrix testing.

Image-Based Testing

  • Store images in the Centralized image repository.
  • Compare captured images with baseline images.
  • Smart detection with KeyPoint algorithm.

Data & Database Testing

Leverage Actions to connect to, and interact with databases of SQL-conversant DBMS systems as well as static data files such as Excel, XML, JSON and PDF.

More Automated Testing

TestArchitect comes with out of the box support for data-driven testing, BDD testing, command-line testing, multi-user testing and more.

Why TestArchitect is Better for

Are you looking for a test automation tool that can bring all of your team members into a collaborative automation production process? If so, TestArchitect is a great fit. With TestArchitect, you can leverage a smaller programming staff to support a much larger non-programming staff.

Flexible Staffing

Why TestArchitect is Better for Your Organization

Flexible Staffing
TestArchitect is highly adaptable for a team with different levels of testing and automation skills. Everyone can now automate.

Automate Web
Web Services, Desktop & More

Why TestArchitect is Better for Your Organization

Automate Web, Web Services, Desktop & More
Desktop, Web, Web Service, Database, Image , CLI & More.

Low Maintenance

Why TestArchitect is Better for Your Organization

Low Maintenance Cost
No framework build-up yet programming required. Modular test design. Highly maintainable. Optimal reusability.

High Automation

Why TestArchitect is Better for Your Organization

High Automation Coverage
Never get stuck with fixing your tests when app changes because it’s done quickly and effectively in TestArchitect.

Apps are developed, changed and deployed faster than ever. It requires you to be able to adapt to the changing marketplace quickly and effectively. TestArchitect provides you with the flexible framework to adapt to these changes and get more done faster. TestArchitect is hackable and can be easily customized for your environment.

Intuitive Action-
Based IDE

Why TestArchitect is Better for Automation Engineers

Intuitive Action-Based IDE
Complete action-based IDE to automate tests at ground breaking speed.

Easy To Extend

Why TestArchitect is Better for Automation Engineers

Easy To Extend
Create custom actions for complex automation needs using the language you love.

API Integration
Testing Support

Why TestArchitect is Better for Automation Engineers

API Integration Testing Support
Testing REST and SOAP services. XML, JSON validation supported.


Why TestArchitect is Better for Automation Engineers

Continuous Integration
Kick off automation from any CI tools and get xUnit standard test results.

In an environment where complex business applications rely heavily on business testers with deep domain expertise, TestArchitect stands apart. We understand that automation productivity is not as much a technical challenge, as it is a test design challenge, and we built TestArchitect with this in mind.

Tests in Spreadsheet

Why TestArchitect is Better for Business Tester

Tests in Spreadsheet
Business readable test case, test data and especially the test result you can easily comprehend and trust.

Test Design Focused

Why TestArchitect is Better for Business Tester

Test Design Focused
Focus on your strengths: good test design results significant automation success.

Pre-built Actions Library

Why TestArchitect is Better for Business Tester

Comprehensive Pre-built Actions Library
Pre-built actions that cover most of your functional automation needs help you embark on automation fast without programming.

Integration with
Test Management Tools

Why TestArchitect is Better for Business Tester

Integration with Test Management Tools
Download, upload tests from TestArchitect and TCM tools. Get automated test results automatically recorded into your TCM.

Continuous Testing Made Easy
TestArchitect’s tool integrations help you seamlessly immigrate into continuous testing, and continuous quality reporting and assessment using your QA management tools.
Tool Integrations

Case Study
Regression cycle reduced from 8 weeks to 5 hours See how PE Toolkit Team (Haliburton) leverages MS Team Foundation Server, MS Test Manager and LogiGear’s TestArchitect to accelerate their continuous testing process.
Customer Success Programs
We are committed to helping you maximize the ROI and drive the adoption of TestArchitect into your organization. With our elite team of support engineers and automation consultants in place, we can help you utilize the knowledge gained from helping other organizations to transform their testing processes.

Our around the clock product support team makes sure your problems get resolved fast.

Our consultants will review your testing objectives and processes to develop a plan/strategy to maximize the benefits of test automation.

Leverage our automation delivery services for your initial automation effort on an ongoing or as needed basis.

Get on-demand development service for special automation needs such as legacy UI controls, non-standard protocols, ALM & TCM tools integration.
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Kratos Partners with LogiGear to Implement Continuous Testing to Reduce Testing Cycle from 6 Weeks to 24 Hours
Centrify Leverages Testing Platform to Achieve an 80% Automation Rate
Innovative Interface Inc., Uses TestArchitect to Reduce Regression Test Excecution Time by 94%
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