TestArchitect Features

Intuitive IDE

The spreadsheet IDE enables you to rapidly create business-writable and business-readable tests using Action Based Testing. Author tests, map interfaces, add test data and debug tests from one IDE.

Intelligent Out-of-the-Box Action Library

You can reuse 400 (and counting) platform-agnostic, pre-coded actions to create a single test that can work with multiple OSes, GUI apps (desktop, web and mobile), non-GUI apps (CLI, DB, Web Services), images and more!

Interface Viewer

Interface Viewer assists you in identifying the properties of each UI element and intelligently detects which properties the automation should use to define the UI elements of a given window instantly.

Multivariate Test Execution

Multivariate Test Execution helps you handle platform-specific and version-specific differences to test multiple versions of an application across multiple platforms using one single test.


If you need to extend the object recognition or action logics, you can easily code in Python, C# and Java.

Action Recorder

You can record manual operations against an AUT for playback during automated testing. The recorder generates action lines related to the dialogs and controls. It can also automatically learn and capture UI elements for future tests.

Parallel Test Execution

The TestArchitect Controller drives test runs on multiple remote machines and mobile devices simultaneously.

Multi-Station Execution

Utilize multiple machines for test execution, while working in sync or running in parallel until a point of intersection is reached.

Screenshot Recorder

Record screenshots during test execution for each UI-interactive action. Screenshots can be included in test results for visually debugging results.

Easy Refactoring

Changes are inevitable. When they happen, TestArchitect allows you to refactor all related test assets in a snap. Although an action or interface is called from a thousand places, you only need to update it once with the refactoring feature.

Image-based Testing

TestArchitect supports Image Recognition and OCR algorithms to interact and verify images if your test scenario requires it.

Result Comparison

Compare changes between different test runs to rapidly detect AUT defects, intentional requirement changes or scripting errors.

Lab Manager

Monitor the progress of all TestArchitect Controllers and devices running tests, from one single web app.

Live Reporting

The Dashboard presents customizable graphs, charts, indicators, and reports to help you analyze and manage execution metrics. Ultimately, you have full control of your project and product quality, and the reporting feature enables you to successfully measure your automation results.

Integration for Continuous Testing

TestArchitect seamlessly integrates with powerful third-party tools, to assist in application lifecycle management, test management, and bug tracking to fit to your in-house CI/CD & DevOps pipelines.
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