Rapidly automate mobile testing

Automate mobile application tests for phones, tablets and devices running the latest Android and iOS operating systems.

Rapidly automate mobile testing

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Simplify mobile app testing

Everything you need to quickly automate tests for applications and devices running on Android and iOS platforms.

Multivariate Test Execution lets you execute a single test case for either platform without modifying test cases.

Object and image recognition along with sophisticated Keypoint image detection for fast moving graphics provide extensive test flexibility.

Mobile testing functionality includes advanced multi-touch gestures, access to the physical device buttons, and command line execution. Access to OEM provisioning files to avoid security and performance issues of testing with rooted or jailbroken devices.

Automate mobile application tests for Android and iOS

  • Test native apps, built-in apps, hybrid apps and mobile web apps
  • Identify controls from outside the app
  • Image and object-based testing
  • Multi-platform, multi-version testing for mobile apps and devices
  • Variations for multiple browsers, operating systems, platforms and languages
  • Physical and emulator device testing
  • Automatic recording of interface controls
  • Wi-Fi or USB-based connection to devices under test

Test multiple devices simultaneously

Test multiple devices simultaneously

Run hundreds of tests on multiple devices all at the same time by connecting to the client machine via USB or Wi-Fi.

Connectivity to a number of mobile cloud providers gives you the ability to test compatibility of a wide range of devices and mobile networks.

Create tests with ease

Plain text, business readable tests eliminate time consuming coding, making mobile tests easy to create and maintain. 

A single test can be run on either Android or iOS devices using TestArchitect’s built-in actions.

Actions, test cases and all test assets can be reused and shared with distributed teams.

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Create tests with ease

Quickly scale mobile test automation

Quickly scale mobile test automation

Run even the largest test suites in hours. Test 100's or 1000's of input variations by creating data sets for data-driven testing (DDT) and access external data sources to execute tests using multiple input and expected values.

Step through the automation to monitor performance as tests execute.

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