Take the work out of web testing

Automate tests just about every web application. Even those with complex interactivity with third-party and back-end systems.

Take the work out of web testing

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Cross browser test automation

Cross-browser functionality lets you execute a single test on multiple Windows-based Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox browsers to save time.

Multivariate Test Execution allows a single test case to be executed on multiple browsers, different operating systems and in different written languages without making changes to the test case.

Everything you need to create automated GUI and functional tests for websites, web apps, and mobile web applications

  • Cross-browser testing
  • Single test creation / execution of multiple languages and multiple app versions
  • UI testing of ASP.NET applications
  • Built-in support for third-party controls from Developer Express, Infragistics, Telerik and others.
  • Flash, Flex, JQuery UI, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Yahoo UI Library, MooTools and other controls
  • Advance object recognition simplifies testing of graphic intense applications.

Comprehensive GUI testing

Comprehensive GUI testing

TestArchitect provides out-of-the box support for development controls like Developer Express, Telerik, Infragistics Microsoft and others.

Support for technology controls such as Flash, Flex, JQuery UI, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Yahoo UI Library, MooTools and others extend testing capability.

Advance object recognition simplifies testing of graphic intense applications.

Test planning and management

Test modules allow you to logically organize same-scoped, test cases to simplify test execution and on-going test automation management.

Built-in security protection includes version control in a check-in/check-out environment, with user-named permission-based, and role-based assignments.

Test planning and management

No-code test development

No-code test development
Example of an action-driven test with 4 action lines. Column A has the name of the action. Subsequent columns contain the arguments for the actions.

A library of pre-programmed actions eliminate lets you write tests in plain text.

Tests can be created by typing-in actions directly in the test editor or by simply dragging and dropping  from the action library. 

You can also use the action recorder to capture step sequences to create your own reusable actions and tests, and also generate interface definitions for mapping test applications.

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Scalable Automation Execution

Run even the largest test suites in hours. Remote and parallel test execution lets you leverage multiple physical and/or virtual machines that you can easily manage from a central location.

Data-driven testing allows you to access external data sources to execute tests using multiple input and expected values.

TestArchitect integrates with tools like Microsoft MTM/TFS and Quality Center to provide a fully integrated ALM platform essential for rapid development environments.